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About salt
Rock salt (halite) is salt that was left behind by the primeval seas millions of years ago as the lagoons dried out. These layers of salt were covered over by rock, so they are to be found underground or in the interior of mountains and desert regions.

About us

Tiretsky rock salt-mining plant established in 1969, situated in Irkutsk region 300 km north from Baikal Lake. Now we are the 2-nd manufacturer of rock salt in Russian Federation with total production capacity up to 400 – 500'000 tones per year, and largest salt supplier to the east from Ural Mountains. More than 40 years we supply the full range of quality salt products that fit most applications and industry needs including food salts, water softening salts, animal feed, industrial and chemical, and de-icing salts. Our salt is certified as superior quality grade and well-known for unique clearness and quality.





Salt is mined at a depth of 600 meters from a layer of rock salt with mining machines "URAL-20", forming chamber system with 11 m height and width, 270 m length. Then salt transported on the surface by lifts and conveyors to the factory for processing. Main operations of processing are crushing and ground sorting by sieving, packing and delivery to the storehouse. Ready salt products, packed in bags in arrangement, carried for loading in railway cars due to the customer orders. All the products we make are quality assured under the "GOST" (Russian State standard).




Our range of salt products includes more than 20 positions:
1. Table salt, superior quality grind №1 (also iodized), packed in a plastic bag of 1 kg and in polypropylene bag of 20-50 pieces
2. Agricultural salt, tablets of 5 kg, packed in a polypropylene bag of 10 pieces
3. Commercial salt, grind №1, 2, 3, packed in a polypropylene bag of 25kg, 50 kg
4. Halite, packed in a polypropylene bag of 50 kg and big-bag of 1000 kg

NaCl 97-98,8% Ca 0,03-0,08% Mg 0,01-0,1% Sodium Sulphate 0,07-0,2
Moisture 0,04-0,19% Water Insoluble 0,07-0,8 Iodine 40±15 mkg/g

Name Tiretsky solerudnik (rock salt mining plant)
Location Russian Federation, Irkutsk region, Zalarinsky district, Tiret city, 300 km north from Baikal lake
Activities rock salt produсing to supply customers of Russian Federation and Mongolia
Production capacity 400 – 500'000 tonnes per year
Products Table salt, de-icing salt, agricultural salt, commercial salts, halite
Staff 700 employees
Turnover $25 million

For all queries and further information on "Tiretsky salt plant" please contact us at:
Address: Russian Federation 666331 Irkutsk region, Zalarinsky r-n, p.Tiret, mkr.Solerudnik, 8
Tel/Fax: +7 (39552) 9-63-15, 9-67-30, 9-67-14,
+7 (3952) 20-13-60, 20-14-43
E-Mail: marketingsalt@mail.ru, solimne@mail.ru
Skype: unisalt